In my next BEYOND IMPACT Communications Masterclass, we're going to be doing a scene breakdown exercise from the movie Notting Hill!

This is your chance to practice the art of creating dynamic conversations using the same scene analysis techniques that Academy Award winning actors use.

The more you understand and learn how to apply these techniques and approaches to to the way in which you communicate, the more confidence you'll have to be able to show up in any situation and shine!

In this 4 week intensive, you'll learn:

  • The Importance of "framing" a conversation 
  • ​Conversation as an energy exchange
  • ​The importance of identifying the objective of a conversation/scene and how it infuses your communication with energy and purpose 
  • The 5 key questions for every conversation/presentation/speech 
  • Subtext and how it will make you more intriguing and interesting and leave your audience wanting more 
  • My top grounding techniques to alleviate anxiety and stage fright

You will then have the opportunity to recieve feedback on the way in which you communicate to shine a light on any blindspots with your communication that may be preventing you from authentically connecting with people and your audience.

You will also have the opportunity to record yourself acting out the scene with a partner. We will then be watching these videos as a class for an opportunity to get real time feedback on how to level up all aspects of how you communicate. It's one thing to learn insight, it's another to put it into practice and action!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to improve your ability to show up in any environment and confidently be able to deliver world class communication with confidence and authority!

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Colin Egglesfield is an American actor, author, speaker and celebrity personality who transforms the way people communicate and relate to each other by helping them connect to their unique authenticity, charisma, and passion for being the best at what they want to be and creating results that make a difference.

Through his entertaining and engaging accounts working with best in the world creatives and other industry professionals, in front of the camera and on stages all over the globe, Colin reveals lessons to triumph over the fear of failing under the immense pressure of needing to be your best.

His practical behind the scenes insight reveals how the power of multi-layered communication, showing up fully integrated and connecting to your inspired self-identity is the bridge to harness our innate confidence, charisma, and passion which is the fuel for dreams and goals fulfilled.

His natural ability to help people tap into their gifts that make them human, relatable and inspiring is also the reason Colin is a highly sought-after image and communication consultant by executives, politicians, presenters, performers, athletes, and other leaders needing to deliver transformational communication that resonates from the heart.

Actor, Author and Speaker
​Colin Egglesfield




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WEEK 1: 

The Body/Intellect/Soul Connection and Barriers of Communication

  • Overall importance and purpose of communication and the component parts that support free-flowing and open communication as well as the barriers that hinder it.
  • ​Physical activities and exercises to draw our awareness from our mind into the full integration of body, intellect, and spirit.

WEEK 2: 

Theme/Intention of Communication and Component Parts of Personality

  • Scene breakdown as a template for understanding the key components for impactful communication
  • Breakdown of the components that make the personality and essence of a character to understand yourself and others on a deeper level

  • Learning and identifying core value systems and archetypes that drive our decision making and communication style

WEEK 3: 

Multi-Levels of Deeper Communication

  • Learning about the world of subtext, energy/essence and body language
  • Create mastery with your communication by understanding the difference between ‘Informative’ vs. ’Transformative' communication

WEEK 4: 

Time to Shine!

  • You’ll have the opportunity to film a scene virtually with a classmate and gain feedback from both myself and your other peers about your own communication styles, as well as what may be preventing you from being able to deliver the kind of impactful communication that makes a difference!



The go-to online course to learn how to master camera presence and communication both in front of the camera and in front of an audience for actors and non-actors alike!





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If you're interested in working with me individually, I also offer 1:1 coaching! Email to find out more information.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to create a solid road map for becoming a world class communicator and leader in both your personal and professional life! I’m excited to be sharing everything that I’ve learned over my 20 year career with you so that you, too, can know what it’s like to create those amazingly magical moments for yourself whether it's in front of groups of people or one on one. There is a formula for this and I can't wait to show you the same techniques that have allowed me to fulfill on my biggest goals and aspirations!

This class is for ANYONE who is desiring to become a more effective leader and communicator to make a difference in whatever area of life that matters most to you. No where else can you get this type of training or practice in deep level and influential communication in such a short amount of time. Here's your chance!

Don't let that little voice in your head tell you this is too scary. The only way to get over any fear or anxiety you have about becoming a better communicator is to step outside of your comfort zone to expand your potential and ability to show the world who you really are and to be able to connect with people more organically and authentically. I'd never have been able to do all the movies and TV shows if I listened to that little voice in my head that said things were too scary. The most successful people in the world still feel scared; the difference is, they overcome it by taking action anyway!

I can’t wait to get started with you. This is your official invitation to join BEYOND IMPACT and start communicating with more effectiveness, confidence and stepping into the role you've been wanting to fully embrace!

​​Let's go!



Starts: April 10th
Dates of classes: April 10th, 17th, May 1st, 8th
Where: Zoom
Time: 2:30-4:30pm PT/5:30-7:30pm ET

Email: for more information!

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What others are saying

"Having a male perspective that celebrates and wants to empower strong, confident feminine women is refreshing and appreciated!"

"Colin brings a beautiful balance of professional insights and feedback with personal development coaching. He looks at the person as the whole human. Colin has provided the space for me to be vulnerable, to dig beneath the surface. I would recommend 1:1 coaching with Colin to anyone who is seeking to unleash their potential, but most certainly to the busy successful woman who is seeking balance, connection, and healthy relationships!"

-Brooke Paugh

"Colin has taught me to understand the concept of subtext in communication, which has deepened my understanding..."

"Colin has coached me to start to consider choosing my core motivating value and has taught me to understand the concept of subtext in communication which has deepened my understanding regarding how we truly communicate with each other. Having this knowledge has enabled me to be more confident and less anxious with my communication and has deepened some connections with people in my life that I didn’t even realize was possible..."

-Jack Pham

"Colin is a gifted and inspirational coach!"

"After just one session, I started operating with a new level of confidence in my life and gained more clarity on projects I had been wanting to bring to life for years. It helps to be seen so clearly. He asks the right questions, pays attention, and offers this beautiful wisdom that hits right to the core of the issues you’re dealing with. Since I started working with Colin, I am in the process of writing a book and building the life I have wanted for myself for so long with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in my authentic self-expression."

-Michelle Wolfe


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class virtual or in person? 

The BEYOND IMPACT Communication Masterclass (B/I) is taught virtually, via Zoom, over the course of 4 weeks. Colin will be ‘live’ on Zoom, leading the class. The class is interactive, and Colin engages everyone with a series of body and voice ‘warm-up’ exercises, as well as having everyone participate in scene readings and on camera recordings. The class is designed to support you in understanding, and practicing, how to show up fully integrated in mind, body, and spirit to deliver communication that inspires with maximum impact. By practicing the techniques and insights that you will learn in BEYOND IMPACT, you have the opportunity to refine your ability to connect with others, both in person and on camera, and bolster both your confidence and proficiency with delivering impactful communication.

Will I be able to watch the recordings if I can't attend live?

Yes. All classes are recorded and uploaded to the online class portal called, ‘Circle,’ so that class participants can rewatch for further understanding, or if they miss a class.

Will I have access to watch the class replays after the completion of the entire class?

Yes. Class recordings will be available to watch for 30 days after the date of the last class.

What do I need to bring to the class?

1. You will be emailed a scene that we will be using for the entirety of the class, which you will need to print out and bring to each class.
2. A green, yellow, and orange highlighter.
3. Notepad and pen to take notes.
​4. Aside from these items, we ask that you bring an eagerness to learn and willingness to actively participate in class!

How often does Colin offer the BEYOND IMPACT Communications Masterclass?

The B/I Communications Masterclass is offered every month barring certain circumstances where Colin may be working on set filming a project or taking personal time off.

Privacy Policy

We want to ensure that everyone who attends the BEYOND IMPACT Communications Masterclass feels safe and empowered. To this end, we require everyone to commit to honor each other’s privacy and confidentiality while attending the class. We have a zero-tolerance policy for gossip. Our intent and goal are to create an intimate environment where everyone feels safe to share without being worried about what someone thinks about them or might say about them. For everyone to feel safe doing this, they need to know that what they say will not be repeated or discussed beyond the confines of the class.

Have Questions or Concerns? 

Please feel free to reach out to us at 

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